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“You are not on your own….More than 11 million people worldwide have attended and found Alpha to be a very worthwhile experience.”

Business Alpha is a presentation of the Alpha course (see below) in the work place or boardroom running weekly for 8-10 weeks for each course. And it’s free!!.

Business Alpha seeks to support the open, honest and practical exploration of the questions of life.

Business Alpha can help anyone sincerely interested in looking for answers that help to impact on business, work, professional and family relationships and especially one’s relationship with God.

What is the Alpha Course?
The Alpha course is a dynamic series of talks on the Christian faith. Alpha is low-key, friendly and fun and it’s supported by all the main Christian denominations.


Alpha is conducted in a relaxed, non-threatening manner (usually around breakfast or lunch for Business Alpha) with different modules presented each week.


Presented by Nicky Gumbel, former barrister and law graduate of both Oxford and Cambridge and, now a member of the ministry team at Holy Trinity Brompton in London, the Alpha course reveals that there is a lot more to Christianity than you may have thought. (See also Alpha Background).

“The purpose of this series of talks …is to help you explore the questions of life at your own pace.”


Business people working in the business world who have attended Business Alpha testify that the Alpha course provides a positive platform for personal examination of life’s most important issues.


So join us on a journey of discovery. There’s a Business Alpha course running in the CBD near you. You will be very welcome!


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