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“At Business Alpha we believe that, particularly for business people, a life of balance, achievement and fulfilment is attainable.”

The Business Alpha course (see What is Business Alpha?) is a free course designed to help you explore the meaning of life.


The people who run the Business Alpha course in a business or workplace setting are all volunteers from a variety of Christian church backgrounds who work in Central Business Districts or other business locations. All have been enriched in their faith and their sense of purpose in life through attending an Alpha course.


You can talk to any of us by calling or emailing anyone listed at Contact Us.


All of us have had a personal experience of God’s love and His presence in our lives.


It is our hope that, as a result of your Business Alpha experience, you will find happiness and fulfilment in your life – a happiness and fulfilment that does not depend on circumstances or how well business is going.


It is our discovery and conviction that true health and fulfilment will only be found in the presence and person of Jesus Christ.

Business Alpha© Copyright Statement

The name Business Alpha© and its attendant web site is the only authorised term accepted by the Alpha Australian National Office to describe business-based Alpha.


The term “Business Alpha” refers strictly to the conduct of the Alpha course developed by Alpha International. Alpha International asks that the name ‘Alpha’ or similar names including Business Alpha © should not be used in connection with any other Christian course. This request is made in order to avoid confusion caused by different courses having similar titles and to ensure the uniformity and integrity of the Alpha course; and to maintain confidence in courses listed on the Alpha register.


Alpha International accepts that minor adaptations to the Alpha International Courses may be occasionally desirable. These should only cover the lengths of the talks or the number of sessions. In each case the essential character of the course must be retained. Alpha is a series of about 15 talks, given over a period of time, including a weekend or day away, with teaching based on all the material in the book: “Questions Of Life”.


Business Alpha© is authorised by the Alpha National Office in Australia. Alpha International under the terms of this Copyright does not allow any other adaptation of the course nor does it allow any course by any name other than those approved by Alpha International to be published or produced or for the suggestion to be made that such a course is an Alpha International Course.


- From Revised Alpha Copyright Statement September 2002


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