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To be honest, it is hard for any of us to confront these questions. Our lives are often lived on the treadmill of daily work, daily frustrations and trying to survive or somehow to cope. Here are some of the common questions that keep cropping up:
  • Does my life have meaning? What will give it meaning?
  • What is Truth? Is there such a thing as Truth?
  • What is the value of leading a good life? What determines that a life is good?
  • What about evil? Where does it come from? Why does evil enslave and destroy?
  • Where does guilt come from?
  • Did Jesus really exist? Is Jesus relevant in my life?
  • Can we rely on the Bible?
  • What about other religions?
  • What happens when we die?
These and many other questions are explored in depth on the Business Alpha course.
The purpose of Business Alpha is to enable you to discover your own answers to the questions of life.
At Business Alpha we believe that, particularly for business people, a life of balance, achievement and fulfilment is attainable.

“Any time is a good time to be involved with being part of Business Alpha. In these more difficult times, business owners and business employees face more negative news and obstacles and need to have positive input and encouragement in their lives. Business Alpha is a course that provides this input right where you work.

“The existence of God and His relationship with us are vital matters for all of us especially in difficult times Ė we need to know what He has for us and be encouraged by joining together with other like minded business people who can explore and discover the meaning of life in the context the Business Alpha course.”

Peter Irvine
Gloria Jeanís Coffee

How can you make the most of the rest of your life?
  What does your life stand for?
  Who will be glad that you lived?
  Whose life will be different because of you?
Business Alpha is conducted in a welcoming, friendly and supportive atmosphere over breakfast or lunch each week for 8-10 weeks.
No question is treated as too trivial, threatening or illogical. Every question will be addressed courteously and thoughtfully and no one will be ‘pestered’ if they choose not to continue with the course.
Importantly, as explained later …

Business Alpha is free !

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